QSL Cards

Despite the fact, that I’m already >40 Years a HAM operator, I still prefer to send and receive a real paper QSL-card on a first QSO with an new Ham station.

I confirm every 1e QSO with a appropriate QSL card from PA0GTB. Not only QSO’s made from my Home QTH, but also from my Holiday QTH in Germany. For that reason a have a special QSL Card  DL/PA0GTB

On received proper SWL reports., I always answer them with a real of Digital QSL Card.

Digital QSL Card, e-QSL

As I said before; Time did’nt stand stil. In the meantime a Digital QSL card is come to our World, eQSL was Born.

Specially for QSO’s made in Digital Mode, i make use of a Digital QSL card. Its send automatically via eQSL.

Besides that, i always ask for a real QSL card via the Bureau if possible, and answer it for 100%

Its a pity, that many HAM’s spend al lot of money on equipment and antennas, but don’t send a real QSL card anymore.

Sending my QSL Cards

In principle, I send my QSL Cards via The Bureau. For special occasions I make a exception and send them directly

Besides the use of eQSL, I also make use of the automatic Ham radio database and the automatic Logbook on QRZ.com

On QRZ.com I’ve filled in the databases and information of PA0GTB and DL/PA0GTB to give visitors the information about my stations.

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